Puerto Galera Travel and Info Map


  • Scale 1:3,000 – 1:19,000
  • A must-have for anyone traveling to and within Puerto Galera
  • Highly detailed but user-friendly design and format allow frequent, convenient use and easy navigation
  • A reliable reference for residents, tourists, and investors, showing all the latest changes
  • Geographic data has been carefully researched and is updated all year round by seasoned cartographers
  • Shows comprehensive indexes and exact locations of resorts, restaurants, businesses, municipal offices, clinics, recreational hotspots (Paradise Reptile Zoo, Ponderosa Golf Club, Tamaraw Falls, to name a few), and, more importantly, numerous dive sites for both beginners and pros
  • Has highly detailed and accurate area maps of the famous White Beach and Sabang as well as of more private and secluded beaches
  • Extensive travel information (history, sports and leisure activities, restaurants, accommodations, etc.) was carefully researched by a resident
  • Show the two major expressways (SLEX and STAR) to reach Batangas Port from Metro Manila quickly

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